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More meeting optimization

March 26, 2009

Seth Godin posts today with ways to improve meetings.

Getting serious about your meeting problem

My favorite? #7

The organizer of the meeting is required to send a short email summary, with action items, to every attendee within ten minutes of the end of the meeting.

Which tip would most improve the meetings you are in? What key meeting improvement practice did he miss?


Emergent meeting management

March 19, 2009

Sometimes life can be an unending stream of meetings. I often wonder just how much a company could improve productivity through better meeting practices.

I’m a fan of Esther Derby for a variety of reasons. Here’s an (older) article she wrote about how to improve the meetings you attend even if you’re not in charge.

How to Improve Meetings When You’re Not in Charge

And, yes, please do use these strategies for meetings I call.