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White-Hat SEO tactics

May 2, 2009

Here’s an SEO article I can actually get behind:
How I Got Our Web Site from Page 5 to Page 1 Using ‘White-Hat’ SEO

SEO in general makes me nauseous – the web equivalent of spam. The tactics in the article above, however, are exactly what a reputable web professional should do. Favorite part: item #1 is “Write Compelling Content”.

For an abbreviated version of the above (and my all-time favorite SEO blog post), read Aaron Mentele’s “Humans first, please


Google’s browser security handbook

January 2, 2009

Google has produced a handbook covering security features and properties of the major web browsers. I’ve only briefly scanned this but it looks like good stuff. I see sufficient references to RFCs to satisfy my inner web-geek.

[via slashdot]

Firebug + extensions

July 22, 2008

Firebug is a highly regarded Firefox extension used for troubleshooting and accelerating web development. Firebug’s emphasis is on browser-based aspects of webdev: html, css & javascript.

Just as Firebug is an extension to Firefox, extensions exist for Firebug. Webmonkey recently listed their favorite Firebug extensions and some seem interesting. YSlow sounds slick and the optimization suggestions it is based on are well worth reading. PixelPerfect might also be handy for the Interactive Designer types.