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MSP dev project on Google App Engine

February 3, 2009

Followed a link from Joe Gregorio’s blog to a video of about an interesting online wishlist app built on Google App Engine. A minute or so into the video, I thought, “That sure looks like the DJEdna guy.” Sure enough, it’s Thomas Bohmbach (Jr).

I enjoyed Thomas’ Django (& DJEdna) presentation at MinneBar 08. I’m geeked to see a perfect overlap of: MSP guys make a splash, a real-world cloud computing application and Python.

I want to keep my eye on Giftag. I don’t quite grok BestBuy’s angle on the project but the notion of a cross-website wishlist is cool. I can’t put my finger on it but something in the way Giftag works feels properly weblike: Browser plugin + social features + Atom/RSS feeds


Chrome – shiny!

September 10, 2008

I downloaded Chrome right after I heard about it. While free time hasn’t been abundant recently, who doesn’t jump at the chance to kick the tires of a new browser? 😉 I even have a “degrees of separation” relationship with Chrome — a friend who moved to Denmark for CS grad school is on the V8 team. He had blogged that he was working for Google and I had wondered what he was working on. When I got to the page in the “comic book” that describes the new javascript vm which was created by a team in Arhus, my immediate reaction was “holy f***!” Said with love and admiration, of course…

So far my experience has been positive if not mind-blowing. Performance has been my biggest complaint particularly on pages with embedded flash. Not a deal breaker and Chrome is beta, after all.

I just spotted a really slick feature and had to blog it. When searching for a word or phrase on a long-ish web page, check out the scroll bar. Gold bars highlight page locations where your word was found. For an example, visit and search for “Putin”. Slick!